Plan Your Cruise

Your quote will begin with a consultation with a Cruise Specialist. Because of all we do for you and the added complications of Covid-19, we do charge for our service. Your consultation begins with the scheduled phone call but does not end there.

As previously stated, we handle everything from beginning to end with NO additional charges, regardless of the level off assistance you may need going forward after you book. This pricing is in addition to your cruise reservation and any additional services such as airfare, hotel, ground transportation and any other request.

Note: Consultation fees are non-refundable and separate from your travel reservation which is charged and processed directly through the cruise lines, hotel, air and ground transportation vendors. Consultation fee is for the planning, research and ongoing assistance with your reservation. This fee is charged whether you place the reservation or not in order for us to compensate our agents for their time and expertise with planning and managing your vacation.

Please choose your consultation option below. Once you select and enter your payment info, please enter your phone number in the notes field so we can call to confirm.

Non-Group Consultation

Our Non-Group Consultation is for cruise quotes/bookings for reservations of less than 8 staterooms.

$250 $125 Limited Time


Group Consultation

Our Group Consultation is for cruise quotes/bookings for reservations of 8 or more staterooms.

$350 $175 Limited Time